Pusher releases Beams to solve push notifications deliverability for mobile app developers

  • Transactional notifications are vital for applications, yet neither iOS or Android make delivery guarantees.
  • Pusher Beams provides transparency to these notification gateways and improves deliverability and open rate of transactional notifications for app developers.
  • Over 10,000 developers are sending push notifications with Beams, and DraftKings, Dialpad and Virgin Pulse already started using it in their products.

London, UK, 06.09.2018 - Pusher, the leading communications and collaboration API provider, today launches Beams, an API for mobile app developers to ensure delivery of transactional information for their users.

As Google and Apple don't offer guarantees to developers that notifications sent to their iOS and Android gateways will be delivered, developers are left managing and troubleshooting this themselves for their applications.

Beams provides a hosted service to manage the device token lifecycle for iOS and Android applications and Insights to track delivery acknowledgement and open events directly on the device. A Debug Console helps developers troubleshoot issues in real-time.

Over 10,000 developers are sending push notifications with Beams, and notable companies like DraftKings, Dialpad and VirginPulse already use it in their products. With Beams, over 90% of notifications are delivered in under 60 seconds, whether you are sending them to one device or a million.

Jordan Harp, Product Manager at Pusher comments:

“Notifications are the lifeline of an application, but managing the infrastructure behind the scenes is a headache. The well-kept secret of the push notification industry is that no one knows if your transactional notifications actually got delivered. Things like your ride-share driver arriving, a meeting reminder, or a bank transaction might arrive in time or get delivered late - there was no way of checking that.

This is the problem we are solving for our customers. During the the Beta period, we tracked over 1 million delivery acknowledgements to user devices per month. We already know that half of the notifications sent with Beams are opened within a minute and half of being sent.“

With Beams, Pusher is making a long term bet that if notifications can be harmonised with our daily lives. The product roadmap will focus on features that show full transparency in the events lifecycle for push notifications like fallback to emails and in-app notifications.


Notes to editors:

Press Contact:

Madalina Grigorie

Communications Manager, Pusher


+44 (0) 208 068 5538

About Beams

Pusher released a push notifications feature in beta in 2016 as a result of feedback received from developers wanting a solution to send push notifications to their mobile apps. The response from the developer community was positive and led to Beams being featured as the product of the day on Product Hunt in August 2016.

For more information on Pusher Beams visit https://pusher.com/beams

Pusher Beams on Product Hunt https://www.producthunt.com/posts/pusher-beams

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About Pusher

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