Pusher releases State of Kotlin report, revealing exponential growth in Kotlin adoption

  • Pusher surveyed 2,744 developers to take the pulse of the Kotlin adoption in the community.
  • More than 60% respondents actively use it in their work and personal projects, having adopted Kotlin after the 2017 Google I/O.
  • Pusher makes their Android SDKs using Kotlin, staying on top of the trend adoption.

London, UK -  Pusher, the leading communications and collaboration API provider, today released the findings of The State of Kotlin 2018 research report.

During January-March 2018, Pusher launched a survey focused on usage, learning, features, zeitgeist and demographics to take the pulse of the new Kotlin adoption trend in the developer community.

While originally aimed at 1,000 people, Pusher got an overwhelming response from 2,744 developers from all around the world, most of them claiming they liked Kotlin’s features, simplicity and ease of use.

The report’s key findings were:

  • More than 60% of respondents actively use Kotlin in both their work and personal projects.
  • Kotlin’s usage has increased exponentially after Google I/O in 2017, as confirmed by the survey’s respondents.
  • Android is hugely popular across the board - used by professional developers and students alike.
  • Most Kotlin developers come from a Java background, or also work with Java.
  • Null safety is the most important feature for 80% of respondents, whereas coroutines and multi-platform support are the least important. But that’s going to change when coroutines and multi-platform projects are not experimental anymore.

Zan Markan, Developer Evangelist, Pusher comments:

“We are already seeing developers use Kotlin when building applications with our new products - Beams and Chatkit. We are excited about Kotlin's growth and believe that it will become a benchmark for what a programming language should be able to do - switch between object-oriented (OO), functional, scripting, and declarative paradigms, as well as between Android, web, and native platforms.”

Pusher will continue to promote Kotlin adoption amongst developers and will return in 2019 with another survey focused on the tooling ecosystem.  


Notes to editors:


Madalina Grigorie,

Communications Manager, Pusher


+44 (0) 208 068 5538

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Download PDF
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