Pusher delivers record 40 billion messages in a day to power the cryptocurrency surge

London - 15 January 2018 - Pusher, the developer tools company providing APIs for building realtime features into web and mobile applications delivered a company record of over 40 billion messages in a day in December 2017.

The increase in message transactions is due to a number of cryptocurrency clients that the company powers, which use realtime message delivery to power trading platforms. 

Pusher is at the centre of the cryptocurrency revolution, delivering billions of daily messages for six growing cryptocurrency platforms who process realtime cryptocurrency trades: Bitstamp, Yobit, Korbit, Koinex, Quoine and Bitcoin.co.id. 

During December leading to the record day, the message delivery for cryptocurrency platforms had hockey stick growth of six times. In January, the trend has continued with near record volume each day as more users flock to cryptocurrency platforms.

Pusher’s realtime infrastructure helps cryptocurrency platforms to display live information in lists or graphs that support trading (such as price, executed trades, trade orders or trade volumes). Since cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain technology — keeping a ledger of transactions to prevent fraud — that enable investors to trade Bitcoin or Ethereum, Pusher’s cryptocurrency customers need a realtime trading experience which is challenging to support at scale. 

Rakesh Yadav,  Co-Founder, Koinex, comments: 

“Pusher helps us with filling order books, powering real-time tickers, making asynchronous microservice calls, delivering trade match notifications or making announcements. It has proved to be an amazing decision for us so far. On a particular high trading volume day within three weeks of our launch, we delivered over 30 million messages in less than 24 hours.”

William Sutanto, CTO, Bitcoin.co.id comments:

"We implemented Pusher in only a few days and it worked like magic. We had 500,000 members register in the last three months and published over 2.5 billion messages daily. Pusher scaled well and was able to accommodate our traffic without a single downtime.”

Sylvain Giuliani, COO, Pusher:

“Although many cryptocurrency platforms have never experienced this level of demand, Pusher has been handling this kind of load for years. It’s a testament to Pusher’s technical expertise that when a new trend of technology companies emerges, the major players in the category turn to Pusher to meet the demand of millions of users.”


About Pusher

Pusher is a London-based startup that builds realtime infrastructure powering everything from on-demand delivery platforms to media companies with hundreds of thousands of concurrent users.


Pusher was at the forefront of the PaaS revolution that focused on developers as customers, providing them with an amazing developer experience. Built by developers for developers.


Pusher’s founder and CEO is Max Williams. In 2011, the company received $1M in seed funding from backers like Eileen Burbidge at Passion Capital, Bill Lee (Tesla, SpaceX, Yammer, HootSuite) and the founders of Heroku. In 2016, Pusher received $2.5M of venture debt from Saas Capital.


Pusher has a diversified portfolio of more than 200,000 customers across the tech industry and into the innovative new categories that emerge such as cryptocurrencies entrenches its position further.  Pusher is used by a great number of companies, from one-man operations to companies such as FT, MailChimp, Intercom and Draft Kings.  


Whether it’s cryptocurrency, AI-powered products, or an innovation that has yet to emerge, Pusher has put itself in a position to be an important technical partner to the innovative technology platforms for years to come. 

Contact person:

Madalina Grigorie

Communications Manager


+44 (0) 208 068 5538

About Pusher

Pusher is a developer tools company that makes communication and collaboration APIs powering web and mobile applications all over the world. With its core product, Channels, developers can easily create interactive features such as in-app notifications, activity streams, chat, real-time dashboards and multi-user collaborative apps.

Founded by Max Williams, Pusher received $11.5M worth of funding in different rounds from Passion Capital, Bill Lee, Heroku, Saas Capital, Balderton Capital and Heavybit.

Pusher has over 250,000 developer customers across 170 countries and is used by everyone, from one-person operations to companies such as The New York Times, Mailchimp, and DraftKings. For more information: pusher.com